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All trip long, no metter from where (La Fortuna or Monteverde) you will see the best landscapes of Costa Rica Montains

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Know it by several terms as Jeep Boat Jeep, Taxi Boat Taxi, Van Boat Van or just Shuttle Service but only between La Fortuna - Arenal Volcano and Monteverde, it makes Aventuras El Lago relevant to travelers that visit the most popular destinationsof Costa Rica, these terms were implemented long time ago by the difficulty of travel on certain routes of this popular trip, years ago began by means of transport where being a 4x4 was indispensable to reach the destination.

15+years+jeep+boat+jeep+book+arenal+la+fortuna+monteverde+shuttle+transport+transportation+service+busOffering shuttle service for more than a decade, Aventuras El Lago is the #1 company established in shuttle service between La Fortuna / Arenal Volcano and Monteverde Cloud Forest, shortening the travel time of conventional transport such as Regular bus or car rental bordering the lake.

We have modern safe boats and vehicles to make this trip an enjoyment to our passengers on a trip that takes a little more than 3 hours to reach the destination, hotel to hotel services between 2 of the most famous  tourist destinations in Costa Rica.


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Transport Services

I am quite surprised that this company, Aventuras El Lago, has so few reviews. We were in the La Fortuna/Arenal in March of 2016 and took the taxi-boat-taxi to Monteverde. We were lucky that day that the Arenal Volcano was clear in view. The company picked us up at the hotel in La Fortuna, then dropped us off at the dam at Lake Arenal. On the shuttle ride to the dam, we got to see the side of Arenal Volcano that we didn't see from the town of La Fortuna. Then from the boat, the view was even more fantastic with the lake and the backside (where you can see the old lava flows) of the volcano in view. More...


“Why would you go any other way (taxi-boat-taxi)?”, Trip Advisor

We were picked up promptly from our hotel in Monteverde in a comfortable vehicle. After a bumpy ride where our guide pointed out hawks and wind turbines, we reached the lake. A slight wait for the boat, then we boarded for the trip across the lake. (Be prepared to carry your bag down a small hill to the boat.) The boat trip was very relaxing and it was great to gradually get to view the volcano. The bus was waiting for us at the other side for a prompt and comfy trip to our La Fortuna hotel. This mode of travel is much better than spending the whole time on the roads.


“best way to travel”, Trip Advisor